Participate in MDEX Quiz Round 2 to share 6000MDX

Dear MDEX users,

To thank each of your support for the first “Quiz”, MDEX will hold a second “Quiz” on July 27th at 12:00 UTC in MDEX community. There are 10 questions in total for this round. You can check the message at the top of the Telegram group to get the participation link. At the same time, you can find the answers in the AMA on June 18.

We will announce the answers and the winners in the community after the quiz.


Quiz Form:

Rewards: 6000MDX

Participation address:

Quiz Form:

Time: July 27th 12:00–14:00(UTC)

Rewards allocation: 300 copies, 20MDX per person

Announcing winners and answers: July 28th 9:00(UTC)

Rewards distribution: July 29, 12:00(UTC)

Ranking rules: based on correct rate (for participants with the same correct rate, the first one who completes the quiz comes forward).