MDEX upgrades its cross-chain scope by integrating with the cross-chain protocol iSwap

MDEX upgrades its cross-chain scope by integrating with the cross-chain protocol iSwap to meet the rapidly growing demand in cross-chain. More specifically, iSwap Cross-chain Bridge feature is now embedded in MDEX. Users can cross USDT between HECO and BSC and a 0.2% handle fee will be charged from iSwap. It is free of charge for transactions greater than 10,000 USDT.

iSwap is a decentralized cross-chain protocol deployed on multiple public chains. Currently, it is available on five chains: HECO, BSC, Polygon, ETH and OKExChain. With distinctive strengths of high security and speed, as well as low transaction fees, it supports both cross-chain and aggregated transactions. It is dedicated to allowing all users to enjoy ultra-low fees and low slippage to complete the swap of assets between single or dual chains.

Disclaimer This cross-chain feature is provided by the third party iSwap who is responsible for the service. Please contact iSwap for any problem you come across. It's recommended to understand the cross-chain process and iSwap before using this service. MDEX is not responsible for any losses caused by artificial error, market fluctuations, and other uncertainties. There are risks involved in cross-chain assets. Please be alarmed!


March 30 2022




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