Announcement on release of RealRealm Hero NFT in the form of mystery box on OpenMeta

RealRealm Hero NFT mystery box is releasing on OpenMeta Primary. Details are as follows:

Release time: 12:00 (UTC) on mar 10 2022

Project name: Real Realm

Quantity: 200 pcs

Price: 88 BUSD / Mystery Box

Mystery box NFT types: 5 kinds of NFT with 2 rarities,


Rare-Koppler (10%)

Rare-Royal (40%)

Rare-Wizard (30%)

Super Rare-Scythe (10%)

About the project :Real Realm is a war strategy game with millions users. Acknowledging the enormous potential in the world of blockchain, Real Realm is now integrated and enhanced, aiming to be an innovative blockchain-based game that naturally applies Free-to-play and Play-to-enjoy mechanisms by unique algorithms.


OpenMeta team

Mar 10 2022




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