Announcement on joint mining activities with Deap coin (DEP)on MDEX (BSC)

MDEX (BSC) will commence joint mining activities with Deap Coin and adjust the weightage of liquidity mining at 12:00 (UTC) on December 06, 2021. The details of the joint mining activity are as follows:

1.New list of liquidity mining: Stake DEP/BNB to mine MDX. The activity lasts for 45 days.

2.New list of trading mining : Trade DEP/BNB to mine MDX. The activity lasts for 45 days.

3.New list of Boardroom: Stake MDX to mine DEP. The activity lasts for 30 days.

Please refer to the official website for the specific output per block.

About Deap coin( DEP)

DEAPcoin comes from DEA, a Singapore headquartered blockchain-based multimedia digital entertainment group that issues NFTs and provides 3 original games, JobTribes, PlayMining Puzzle and Luck Farmer, whose members are part of the Blockchain Gaming Association and provide GameFi service.

Official website:
Token contract address:0xcaf5191fc480f43e4df80106c7695eca56e48b18

MDEX team
04 Dec 2021




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