Announcement on addition of liquidity mining list and weightage adjustment on MDEX.COM (BSC)

MDEX.COM (BSC) is about to add new liquidity mining pairs and adjust the weightage of liquidity mining under the condition that the total rewards per block remain unchanged.

The addition of liquidity mining list on BSC is as follows:

The adjustment will take place at 12:00 (UTC) on 30th November. The details of liquidity mining adjustment are subjected to the display on official website.

About Metahero (HERO )
Metahero brings to the market 3D scanning and modeling technology that generates ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual items to be used across games, VR, social media, and online fashion. The tech also allows for the creation of NFTs from real-world works of art and collectibles.
Official website:
Token contract address:0xD40bEDb44C081D2935eebA6eF5a3c8A31A1bBE13

DNAxCAT creates a digital cat pet world where players can raise and breed varies of cute cats and fight shoulder to shoulder in the adventure world with your cats.
Official website:
Token contract address:0x5b1baec64af6dc54e6e04349315919129a6d3c23

About Heroes TD(HTD)
Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend their bases. In Heroes TD, players can join a community to play with each other.
Official website:
Token contract address:0x5E2689412Fae5c29BD575fbe1d5C1CD1e0622A8f

Risk Reminder: there are risks in cryptocurrency transactions, please be alarmed and do your own research before purchase.

MDEX team
30 Nov 2021




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MDEX Official

MDEX Official

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