MDEX (BSC) will commence joint mining activities with BULL BTC CLUB(BBC) and adjust the weightage of liquidity mining at 5:00 (UTC) on 26th October 2022. The details of the joint mining activities are as follows:

1.New liquidity mining list: Stake ETH /BBC、MDX/BBC、BBC/USDT、BBC/WBNB、 BBC/BTCB to mine MDX .

2.New boardroom mining list: Stake MDX to mine BBC.

The mining reward setting is based on the needs of BULL BTC CLUB project , and the specific details are subject to the official website. If there are any subsequent adjustments, it will be notified through the official announcement.

Risk Reminder: there are risks in cryptocurrency transactions, please be alarmed and do your own research before purchase.

MDEX team

October 26, 2022